Dr. Maja Berden Zrimec
Dr. Maja Berden ZrimecHead of Research, Content Writer
Maja is our lead researcher and brings to Anteja her invaluable scientific expertise and experience from technology start-ups, online education and digital publications for the application of science in business. As a passionate biologist she works at AlgEn, a center for algal technologies, where she helps develop a digital system for monitoring and measuring of algae beds. As a project leader and senior researcher she is also involved in several EU and national projects, such as Horizon 2020 Water2Return and LIFE AlgaeCan.

As an expert in plant physiology, ecotoxicology, environmental health, wastewater treatment with algae and biomass production, Maja led international research and managed projects at Harpha Sea. She co-founded and led the algal & ecotoxicology laboratory at the Institute of Physical Biology, Ljubljana, where she led as well the scientific research and development. Maja has contributed her expertise as a researcher at the EU Interreg programs. For DanubioValNet, she mapped bio-based value chains regarding ecological construction and packaging, phytopharmaceuticals and biomaterials. At AlpLinkBioEco, she helped develop the Value Chain Generator (VCG) and at Ardia-Net, she researched new approaches to value chain development.

Apart from her scientific work, Maja is experienced in online education. She helped create the international educational platform ‘Harnessing the Power of Biopolymers for Human Well-Being’ at the Centre of Excellence Polimat in Ljubljana, which included biopolymer workshops, talent camps, training courses and the Global Biopolymer Network. As a researcher and content writer, she collaborated on the educational programme Sci-MindTM at the American Chemical Society.

Maja has an MSc and PhD at the Department of Biology of Biotechnical faculty of the University of Ljubljana. She has earned a certificate ‘Ecosystem Services: a Method for Sustainable Development’ at the University of Geneva (Coursera), and a certificate ‘Tropic101x: Tropical coastal ecosystems’ at the University of Queensland (EdX). She co-authored 24 scientific papers.