What’s happening with green taxonomy? 

There has been a growing interest in sustainable investing in recent years. More and more people have become aware of the impact of financial decisions on the environment. According to the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance, sustainable investment assets reached a record high of $40.5 trillion in 2020, representing a 27% increase from the previous year (GSIA, 2020). […]

New Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is a turning point for global sustainability

As consumers and investors increasingly demand transparency from companies related to their environmental impacts, many firms have taken up sustainability reporting to showcase their accountability to their stakeholders (investors, business partners, employees, buyers, suppliers, customers and broader society). Those that haven’t, will soon be bound to the most recently adopted Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), […]

Press Release: Anteja Wins NLB’s #FrameOfHelp for its sustainable solution Value Chain Generator (VCG.AI)

24.11.2022 – Anteja was announced the winner of the #FrameOfHelp project presented by NLB Group,  the leading banking and financial group with headquarters and an exclusive strategic interest in their home region – Southeast Europe. #FrameOfHelp is their annual project that encourages reflection and discussion about the sustainable future of Southeastern Europe and honours companies […]

Clusters‘ role in transition to circular bioeconomy

The transition to circular bioeconomy represents a big step for companies. Although there are many potential benefits for SMEs adopting circular business models, high initial investment and possible trade offs can represent a substantial barrier. Companies need a clear overview and guidance to be able to move towards sustainable business models while practicing the circular bioeconomy.  […]

CEE2ACT Project Kickoff Press Release

CEE2ACT project was launched to support 10 CEE countries in developing circular bioeconomy strategies 14 September 2022 On the 13th and 14th of September 2022 we were invited to the CEE2ACT project launch press conference in Budapest, where representatives of 17 European organisations from 17 countries gathered for the kick-off meeting of the CEE2ACT project, […]

Danube Region to fill the loss of some agrifood imports from Ukraine (working paper)

As part of our work on value chain resilience, in the past few months Anteja ECG conducted a study to determine the impacts of the conflict in Ukraine and the consequent value chain disruptions, and to formulate recommendations for their amelioration. The study was focused on the supply chains in the bioeconomy sector, which includes […]

Forest residues as bioresources in circular bioeconomy

Energy derived from biomass (bioenergy) is one of the most important renewable energy sources today. It is expected to play a major role in replacing fossil fuels in the global energy systems and reducing the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions over the next decades (1). Wood is increasingly perceived as a green, renewable source of energy […]

Agricultural waste as a bioresource in circular bioeconomy

Agricultural waste as a bioresource in circular bioeconomy Agricultural residues that have been so far comprehended as a waste. But in circular bioeconomy, they have a new role as the bioresource for products and energy. This is certainly most welcomed step forward because we produce an enormous amount of waste. The latest Eurostat data show that EU […]

Algae as bioresource in circular bioeconomy

Algae as bioresource in circular bioeconomy In the scope of circular bioeconomy and bio-based resources, algae seem to fit perfectly into the picture. On one hand, their biomass is full of macro and micronutrients as well as interesting pharmaceutical compounds. On the other hand, they can be easily cultivated in a wide variety of wastewater […]

Bioresources in circular bioeconomy

Bioresources in circular bioeconomy In the pursuit of independence from fossil fuels and materials, avoiding the threat of finite new resources that our Earth can offer, concepts such as circular economy, bio-based resources, green economy, blue (bio)economy, and finally the circular bioeconomy are being put forward as a vital solution. Circular bioeconomy combines the approaches […]