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Center of Excellence PoliMat

A centre specialized in polymer materials and technologies.

The PoliMaT Centre of Excellence is specialized in polymer materials and technologies with 85 researchers and professional staff with HQ in Ljubljana, Slovenia. PoliMaT was founded as a joint initiative of main science and research institutes and industry in the fields of polymer materials and technology in Slovenia for the purpose of undertaking innovation, development and research projects on polymers in order to facilitate technological breakthroughs and the transition to a low carbon society.

Services provided:

  • management of the center of excellence
  • advice on governance structure, evaluation and monitoring mechanisms
  • assessment of the trends, end markets and opportunities
  • assessment of new materials innovation system, identification of global best practice
  • setting up a strategy framework and formulation of recommendations for future actions of the center
  • development of international innovation network: Global Biopolymer Network.

Date: 2011 – 2013

PoliMat’s website

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