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Press Release: Anteja Wins NLB’s #FrameOfHelp for its sustainable solution Value Chain Generator (VCG.AI)

24.11.2022 – Anteja was announced the winner of the #FrameOfHelp project presented by NLB Group,  the leading banking and financial group with headquarters and an exclusive strategic interest in their home region – Southeast Europe. #FrameOfHelp is their annual project that encourages reflection and discussion about the sustainable future of Southeastern Europe and honours companies with innovations and vision to make it happen.

Anteja considers circular economy and bioeconomy as key areas to solve environmental challenges of the future. An ambitious team of bioeconomy experts helps companies develop circular strategies, business models and technological possibilities to solve their circularity challenges and utilize bioresources.

Anteja developed a digital platform Value Chain Generator (VCG.AI), that generates circular value chains and connects circular stakeholders in Southeastern Europe with the use of AI and big data. “VCG.AI connects clusters, industrial companies and technology providers from different industries on the level of material flows, raw materials, semi-products and waste to build sustainable value chains,” says Jon Goriup, Head of Digital Products & Strategy at Anteja.

For additional information on the NLB Group’s #FrameOfHelp project, please visit their website (in Slovenian):

About NLB Group’s sustainability

With the adoption of the NLB Group sustainability programme at the end of 2020, the NLB Group has moved from the raising awareness phase to the phase of actively implementing sustainability elements into the business model as well as actively contributing toward a wider socio-economic development in the SEE region through their corporate social responsibility activities. 

For additional information, please visit their website:

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