We choose a

sustainable future

That’s why we’re developing disruptive solutions
to accelerate the transition to sustainability on a global scale.

Anteja is a sustainability consultancy, specialized in the design and implementation of innovation strategies and circular business models. Through our forward-looking approach, we bring more efficient use of natural resources, environmental concerns, and social dimensions into the development of policies, strategies and business models.


We tackle climate change, social inequalities, minimize environmental risks, and create value for businesses and stakeholders along value chains.
We engage in projects worldwide and serve clients in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

In Europe, we play an important role in the development of macro-regional strategies and policies to accelerate the transition to circular bioeconomy in the Alpine and Danube macro-regions.

We specialize in digitalizing sustainable value chains globally. We have made coffee value chains that connect Rwanda and Honduras with European buyers fully traceable with our traceability digital solutions.

We research technological possibilities to enable companies from different sectors to utilize all their bioresources, including waste.

How do we do it?

By empowering businesses and organizations to manage social and environmental risks in their global value chains:

  • providing policies and strategies to guide decision makers and governments
  • establishing industry networks to improve capacity and competitiveness of organizations
  • empowering the African agribusiness environment to improve competitiveness of enterprises and create sustainable strategies for long term prosperity of local communities

Why us?


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we are anteja

Mateja Dermastia
Founder and CEO

Jon Goriup
Head of Digital Products & Strategy

Mateja Novak
Project Manager and Head of EU Projects

Miha Škrokov
Circular Bioeconomy Consultant

Gašper Božič
Circular Economy Solutions

Tia Goriup Dermastia
Circular Economy Analyst

Dr. Maja Berden Zrimec
Head of Research, Content Writer

Laura Torres
Bioeconomy Data Analyst

Paul Lugo
Bioeconomy Analyst

Claudia Schonter
Value Chain and Sustainability Specialist

Amira El Halabi
Sustainability Consultant

Veronika Levak
Project Manager

Strategic advisors

Fernando Quezada
Strategy & Sustainability Specialist

Y. Karen Zheng
Agriculture Value Chain Innovation Specialist

Julij Božič
Digital Transformation Specialist


Gloria Steinmark
Sustainability and Social Innovation

Clara Panse

Alexis Mallet

Leonardo Fancello
Data Analysis &
Business Development

Aljaž Urbanc
Legislation & Compliance

Abdulrahman Bin Ghaith
Projects Gulf Region

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