Anteja has over 15 years of experience executing projects for international multilateral institutions, such as The World Bank Group, IFC and GIZ, in the formulation of strategic development documents and the implementation of projects, designed for the sustainable development of economically underdeveloped countries.

Anteja has built strong partnerships with renowned companies and institutions in the Alpine and Danube regions, with whom we collaborate in the EU Interreg and EUSALP projects, such as GoDanuBio, Ardia-Net and AlpLinkBioEco. Within the projects, Anteja plays an important role in the development of macro-regional policies, sustainable value chains and industry networks, particularly in the areas of circular bio-economy. Together with our partners we work on initiatives promoting cross-regional cooperation and accelerate the transition to bio-economy.

Having expanded our business to digital solutions for transparency & traceability in value chains, we have engaged in technology development projects, creating blockchain, AI and ML solutions.