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Building policies, strategies and programmes by addressing issues of sustainability and key drivers of global industrial transformation processes, new global value chains and industry-technology convergence.


Policy Advice

Policy design, Strategy development and Implementation

Capacity building

Economic analysis and needs assessment

Policy Stress testing and peer reviews

Setting up monitoring concept,

Evaluation and performance assessments

Advice provided by Anteja’s Key experts

Professionalization of innovation-focused intermediaries

Clusters, center of excellence, networks…

Performance assessments and benchmarking of center of excellence and clusters according to the European Cluster Excellence Initiative Approach,

Strategy and programme design

Service development / Innovation value chain analysis

Market and feasibility studies

Providing management for clusters, center of excellence and network organizations

Building management teams and coaching the teams

Capacity building in innovation management and good governance

Exploitation and commercialization of R&D results market assessments, market entry strategies based on in-depth understanding of market needs, trends and market dynamics

CE Polimat, 20011-2013
Internationalization of wine sector of Croatia, 2011
Setting up Framework for Industrial Zones in Republic Srpska, 2009

New forms of international research, technology, innovation cooperation

Cross-cluster cooperation, global innovation networks, strategic partnerships

Advice and support to science and technology diplomacy

Design and development of cross-cluster cooperation

Design and development transnational strategic partnerships

Identification and selection of locations and potential partners

Peer review of policies

Benchmarking of potential partners

Facilitation setting up joint research, technology and innovation agenda

Providing secretariat and management of cross clustering and international networks

Global Biopolymer Network, since 2009

CEE – Cluster network – Central & Eastern European cluster and network area, 2006-2008,

Development of Cross-Border Automotive Cluster (Slovenia – Serbia).

Value chain competitiveness assessment and development

Value chain analysis

Market structure and dynamic analysis

Gap and Constraints Analysis

In-depth analysis of priority gaps and constraints

Recommendations for development of supportive policy framework and policy tools

Recommendations and support to stakeholders along the value chain to improve their performance and competitiveness.

Value Chains Analysis in Horticulture in Azerbaijan, 2013 -2014.

Competitiveness Assessment of the three Agribusiness Value Chains in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2012-2013