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Digital solutions

Using AI and machine learning, we discover, evaluate and implement new circular models, turning production waste into valuable resources while reducing negative environmental impacts. Backed by blockchain, our solutions boost transparency and traceability of existing supply chains, helping companies become more sustainable and efficient.


VCG.AI stands for Value Chain Generator and is a value chain development platform that uses AI and machine learning to help connect companies across sectors and countries into circular and resilient value chains. VCG.AI matches companies on the levels of their products, residuals and waste, to create value chains that use resources more efficiently and allow companies to turn waste from cost to revenue generating resources.

VCG.AI is perfect for

Clusters I Projects I Companies of all sizes I Network managers I Policy makers and investors


Phy2app is a digital transparency and traceability solution, helping East African agribusinesses establish the necessary trust in the market to enter direct trade relationships with regional and global buyers. Agribusinesses using phy2app link many smallholder farmers to high value markets. Upgraded with Source Africa, a platform that connects East African agribusinesses and bulk buyers, phy2app offers one of the most unique solutions in the industry.

Phy2app is perfect for

Small and medium agrifood companies I Bulk buyers in the food industry I Food production specialists I SME agribusinesses


On behalf of the Initiative for Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chains (INA), Anteja has developed the open source traceability system INATrace that is based on blockchain technology. It not only promotes trust and security between trading partners but also enhances the efficiency of supply chains, which in the long run should increase farmers’ incomes and a contribute to women’s empowerment. INATrace helps European companies collect, retrieve and evaluate information about their products and production conditions along the supply chain in light of the corporate due diligence legislations on the rise in Europe.

INATrace is perfect for

Clusters I Trade specialists I Business developers I Well established agribusiness supply chains I Agribusiness aggregators and processors

Latest projects

DECIDE – Digital Services for Circular Economy – a Toolbox for Regional Developers & SME

SYMBIO –  Shaping symbiosis in bio-based industrial ecosystems based on circular by-design supply chains

Enhancing Brewery Operations with New Digital Tools: The HIGHFIVE Project

Sustainability and Value Added in Agricultural Supply Chains in Uzbekistan

Ventures Thrive Programme

Support for Economic Reforms and Sustainable Economic Development in Regions of Uzbekistan

INNOBIOVC – Innovation Express for Circular Bioeconomy Value Chains

Mobility Platform Development in Tunisia

AgriTrace platform for generating and managing green value chains

Improving Egyptian industrial innovation system

Enabling sustainable development in Kosovo as a potential for job creation and SME empowerment


EU Horizon CEE2ACT

Digitalization of sales channels for promotion on the European and East African markets

E-business to support the creation of sustainable and transparent value chains between Europe and Africa

Developing circular economy in Rwanda as a potential for job creation

Enhancing transparency and sustainability of coffee value chains in Honduras

Enhancing transparency and sustainability of coffee value chains in Rwanda (Part 2)

Enhancing transparency and sustainability of coffee value chains in Rwanda (Part 1)

EU Interreg GoDanubio

Accelerating Sierra Leone’s circular economy of plastics

EU Interreg ARDIA-Net

Founding a moringa cluster in Uganda

EU Interreg AlpLinkBioEco

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