Digital solutions

Promoting value chains transparency and traceability through the use of user friendly digital solutions.

phy2app is developed for African agribusinesses and improves the communication of the agribusiness’ products, practices and impacts with the market.

phy2app enables agribusinesses to meet the transparency demands of the most demanding markets with the often limited resources and digital competencies at disposal.


phy2app is a digital tool that ensures sustainability and transparency in agricultural and bio-based value chains. It helps companies communicate their sustainability details in a transparent way via a QR code. The sustainability details that are communicated via phy2app are: product’s geographical origin, production processes, environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Our phy2app users can reliably showcase their sourcing and operational practices, environmental and social impacts. They can build a marketing story around the origin and sustainability of their product and trace the product from farm to the point of sale.

phy2app enables identification of the authenticity of the product and insights into traceability at the level of production location and production batches.

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phy2app pro

phy2app pro is an advanced version of phy2app. It is a digital document management system that ensures a transparent exchange of documents between buyers and suppliers at every order. It allows producers and buyers to organize and share requested documents to boost transparency.

phy2app pro can help tackle societal issues, such as child labor and modern slavery, by enabling a transparent overview of the value chain partners’ business practices.