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Anteja’s digital transformation and outlook for 2022

Anteja’s digital transformation and outlook for 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of accelerating digital transformation. Many companies have recurred to digitalisation not only to ensure a better resilience but also to develop new forms of working practices (work from home). Besides, digitalisation contributes to a more sustainable economic recovery in the post-pandemic period.

Despite the pandemic, Anteja has proved successful and has demonstrated significant growth. We hired 3 new employees and are continuously hiring new interns (link to our vacancies). Not only has our team expanded, but we have also initiated new partnerships, projects and are developing new digital products.

Anteja has always been aware of the importance of digitalisation, even before we started developing technology solutions in 2019. Given our remote work, we’ve been in favour of online platforms and tools to enhance e-business. During the pandemic, we have adopted a variety of digital tools to improve our document exchanges and communication. We use Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google online tools.

Anteja has integrated digital technology into all business areas. (Photo courtesy: Adobe Stock Photo)

Recently, we have decided to take our next big step towards a complete digital transformation of our company. We have implemented e-business across all our activities: our new document system allows us to exchange documents (i.e. orders, invoices) with our business partners digitally. The results of our digital transformation are already visible: our business processes are optimised and our internal administration processes are more efficient.

Anteja has many ambitious goals for 2022. In order to achieve them, we believe that we need to reach a higher digital maturity on all business levels. In terms of digital transformation, we plan to improve customer experience, data management and create new digital business models for our digital products. We also plan to develop new digital products and services and improve our cybersecurity. Nevertheless, we will continue supporting our international clients in their digitalisation efforts for sustainable development in the post-pandemic period.

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