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CluStrat, improving cluster competitiveness in Central Europe

The CluStrat project strived to develop a joint strategy on how to enhance the innovation capacity and competitiveness of clusters in Central Europe.

Maintaining and improving the competitiveness in innovation capacity of clusters in Central Europe, regarding changing and emerging market demands and fostering the inclusion of cross-cutting issues, such as internationalization, technology-transfer and gender equality in innovation processes.

The CluStrat project reinforced the proposition that clusters play an important role in  facilitating innovation and contributing to development of industrial sectors to exploit today ́s emerging markets. The project provided a  policy framework to support the development of emerging industries by enhancing the innovation capacity and competitiveness of the clusters in the Central Europe area. The aim was to develop policies that enable existing clusters in established or emerging branches and technologies to exploit new markets. To achieve this, Key Enabling Technologies (KET) and Emerging Industries (EI) had  to be cross-linked with the established and traditional technologies / industries.

Services provided:

  • mapping of existing clusters and clustering programmes
  • analysis of sectors and research activities and specification of action areas of Smart Specialization Strategy and emerging industries
  • inputs on Slovenian position and future possibilities in national/regional cluster policy development
  • policy advice on cluster role in emerging industries
  • policy advice on strategy, policy tools and mechanisms to support emerging industries
  • review of evaluation reports on pilot actions for Advanced Materials, Smart Ambient/Housing and Zero Energy Building
  • developing action plans for pilot actions in Advanced Materials, Smart Ambient/Housing and Zero Energy Building.

This project was implemented through the Central Europe Programme co-financed by the ERDF, considered as part of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region.

Client: Tehnološka agencija Slovenije

Date: 2007 – 2013

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