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Press Release: Anteja Wins Oracle Change Agents Sustainability Award

Anteja Winner Oracle 2021 Change Agents Sustainability Award

Anteja Wins Oracle Change Agents Sustainability Award

Earns Top Honour for Environmental Leadership and Innovation

25.4.2022 – Anteja was today named a winner of the 2021 Change Agents Sustainability Award presented by Oracle. The Oracle Change Agent Sustainability Awards is an annual global program that honours customers who have demonstrated excellence in environmental leadership, cost reduction, and improvement of business efficiencies with Oracle Cloud technologies.

“Anteja’s achievement is an outstanding example of the value that comes from making sustainability a business imperative,” said Jon Chorley, Oracle’s Chief Sustainability Officer and Group Vice President of Supply Chain Management Product Strategy. “We are inspired by Anteja’s innovative use of Oracle Cloud to create a more sustainable future, and honour their important work in accelerating meaningful change.”

Anteja helps enable development of sustainable and transparent value chains using digital solutions that aim to minimise social inequalities and promote environmentally sustainable practices. In the past 3 years Anteja has worked on development and implementation of three innovative digital solutions: phy2app, INATrace and VCG.AI.

phy2app is a digital transparency and traceability solution, helping East African agribusinesses establish the necessary trust in the market to enter direct trade relationships with regional and global buyers. Agribusinesses currently using phy2app are linking many smallholder farmers to high value markets. Upgraded with Source Africa, a platform where market linkages between East African agribusinesses and bulk buyers are created, phy2app offers one of the most unique solutions in the industry.

INATrace is a blockchain-based traceability solution that was developed in collaboration with INA. It helps to promote trust and security between trading partners and helps to enhance the efficiency of supply chains. INATrace helps European companies collect, retrieve and evaluate information about their products and production conditions along the supply chain in light of the corporate due diligence legislations on the rise in Europe.

Value Chain Generator (VCG.AI), is a value chain development platform that uses AI and machine learning to help connect companies across sectors and countries into circular and resilient value chains. VCG.AI matches companies on the levels of their products, residuals and waste, to help create value chains that utilise resources more efficiently and allow companies to turn waste from cost to revenue generating resource.

“Innovative technologies have the potential to accelerate the transition to a climate-neutral society by enabling customers to make a difference in their industries,” said Jon Goriup Dermastia, Head of Digital Solutions at Anteja.

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About Anteja

Anteja is a sustainability consultancy with headquarters in Ljubljana and liaison offices in Nairobi, Boston, Stuttgart and Tbilisi. Anteja enables development of sustainable and transparent value chains using digital solutions that minimise social inequalities and promote environmentally sustainable practices. Besides, Anteja provides technical assistance to clients on design and implementation of competitiveness and innovation strategies. The company engages in projects worldwide and serves clients in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. More information can be found at Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Anteja’s contact

Mateja Dermastia
Anteja’s CEO

About Oracle Sustainability

Oracle is committed to sustainability and has pledged to power all Oracle Cloud regions worldwide with 100 percent renewable energy by 2025. Several Oracle Cloud regions, including regions in North America, South America, and Europe are already powered by 100 percent renewable energy, and all Oracle Cloud regions use state-of-the-art energy management and cooling technologies to minimise their impact on the environment. As part of its renewable energy clean Cloud initiative, Oracle has achieved a recycle rate of over 99% over the last three years while strictly adhering to Oracle’s data privacy and security practices.



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